May 15, 2005

--- Metrogas (Gas) Bill

Gas Bill Posted by Hello

Above is an actual gas bill I just received for one of my properties. It is totally unedited except that I deleted the name on the bill and the account number. The gas bill comes every two months. Most apartments have a gas water heater in the apartment that heats the apartment and also the hot water. Some apartments have central services that control the heat and the hot water but moretimes than not, it is individual.

You can click on the photo to enlarge it. Notice the very affordable fee of 25.79 pesos which is less than u$s 9 for two months. Keep in mind that it is just starting to get cold now as our seasons are reverse of that in the USA. Look at the usage bar chart on the bill. You can see the high usage months are July/August and September/October. Even then, the total gas bill is very affordable.


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