May 15, 2005

--- Edesur (Electricity) Bill

Electricity Bill Posted by Hello

This is an actual bill from my last statement for another apartment I own in Recoleta. It is totally unedited except for removing the address and the account numbers.

You can see that the utility bill format is quite similar to a typical electricity bill you would receive in the USA. (Of course the utility bills in the USA are much more expensive). The electric bill is billed every two months so you can see that the past two months of usage was only 75.85 pesos (u$s 27) for TWO months of usage. This is for an apartment that is about 750 sq. feet. It has an average monthly occupancy of about 23 days per month with short-term rentals.

Notice the usage bar chart on the bill. If you are wondering how much the former utility bills were. In March 2005, I received the two month cyle and it was only 96 pesos (u$s 33) which covered the hot summer months. I had high occupancy those months as well so the Air conditioner was running everyday. The two month cycle before that was 69 pesos (u$s 24).


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