May 15, 2005

--- Monthly Condo Fee Bill

Condo Fee Breakdown Posted by Hello

This is a monthly building "condo fee" bill that every apartment in Buenos Aires has. It lists all the property owners in the building by their name and apartment number. A bill comes every month and is given to the property owner. This is an unedited bill except for editing out part of the owner's names.

As I mentioned earlier, all the affluent families that I know here in Argentina have one thing in common. They all own multiple properties and most of them are renting them out. This is very evident when you look at a monthly expense from each building. On this one you will notice several people or familes own several apartments in the building. In this particular building, one person owns 5 individual apartments and another property owner owns 4 with a few people owning 3. I myself am in the process of attempting to purchase an entire building. I have made offers to every tenant in the building to purchase their property. It will take some time but slowly I believe it will happen over the next several years. I already have purchased several in this building. I approached the individual owners privately thus avoiding the 3% realtor's commission.

Something interesting to note on a condo fee is that it lists the "saldo anterior" (previous unpaid balance) for each property owner. It's a way to basically shame the owners into paying on time. If your neighbor is behind on his bills, everyone in the entire building will know. Of course, some owners simply don't care what their neighbors think. I own a few apartments where the owners haven't paid a condo fee in several years. It is frustrating dealing with these kind of people. They don't pay it because they know that if the building condo association wants to take legal action they must initiate a suit in court. The legal system here is so slow that it would probably take 2 or 3 years before it would be heard.

As I noted previously, the bigger the apartment the more you will pay. In this particular building I pay 204 pesos (u$s 71) per month. All monthly condo fee bills are very similar to this one.


This blog is many years old. If you want to see an updated page with recent examples of bills from November 2010 you can see them at this link below:


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